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The Power of Video

Video is one of the most powerful communication tools out there and with good reason: video is more engaging, more memorable, and more popular among viewers ...

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Top 3 camera phones for user generated videos

For years we’ve heard that camera phones are beginning to rival true top-end camera tech, and while that is a endless discussion, the tech on offer is better ... Read article

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Native LinkedIn video vs Youtube/Vimeo video links

Spoiler: Native LinkedIn video is almost 10x more powerful than video links. Video helps to make a message more authentic, but distribution can still be tricky... Read article

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Video for Corporate communication

Spoiler: The biggest frustration starts with the lack of transparency and visibility. Many findings have been published about the biggest frustrations among co-... Read article

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Subtitles to maximise engagement

Spoiler: 80% of all videos are muted. Why are subtitles important on LinkedIn? 70–80% of all consumers mute their videos. In the Netherlands, 1:12 people are ... Read article


3 Myths that prevent you from creating videos

Spoiler: Creating videos is not time-consuming anymore. Many people still think that video creation is difficult and time-consuming. And not always the best way... Read article

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Video production costs vs result

Spoiler: Creating videos is not expensive anymore. Another day another video fact. Most people still think that video is expensive, that time has passed. Fortun... Read article

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