3 Myths that prevent you from creating videos

Spoiler: Creating videos is not time-consuming anymore.

Many people still think that video creation is difficult and time-consuming. And not always the best way to deliver a message. We do not agree and in this video, I’ll share the 3 biggest myths.

First of all, many people think that video production costs are high. You don’t always need top equipment, the best editors or scriptwriters. Yes, for high-end commercials you might, but video is mainstream nowadays. And the video quality on your smartphone is more than enough to deliver your message.

Secondly, people think that creating video’s is difficult. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and the newest generation Apple and Android phones have very good camera’s. With the smartphone camera, everyone can create time and cost-efficient professional video’s.

Lastly, people tend to think that creating video’s is time-consuming. Tools like Vormats offer all templates and settings that you need to create a video in no time. Be yourself and you don’t have to be perfect.

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