Client Stories

Client Stories

Vormats is the tool for video content creation. Whether you are looking to create videos for employer branding, job vacancies, instruction videos or updates. With our video platform, employees create videos themselves.







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What clients have to say about us

“It remains surprising how much store employees want this!”

Jos van der Sommen

Employer Branding

“We use Vormats to make videos with the greatest of ease, giving everyone a glimpse into the world of Van Nieuwpoort.”

Ayda Shafii

Marketing & Communicatie

“Thanks to the onboarding and personal guidance, internal enthusiasm and the number of users of the video platform are growing rapidly.”

Sofie Delkhoshnawaz

Corporate Communcications

“Fastest assistance by a support department ever!”


Customer support review


Industry: Retail
Number of Employees: 10.000

Talent Acquisition

Employer Branding


Amsterdam UMC

Industry: Healthcare
Number of Employees: 19.500

Talent Acquisition

Employer Branding

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