21 February, 2020

Video for Corporate communication

Spoiler: The biggest frustration starts with the lack of transparency and visibility.

Many findings have been published about the biggest frustrations among co-workers. Especially in large corporates employees are frustrated about the lack of transparency of the contribution of others. This is a very delicate subject: How do you make sure that you, your team and your results and knowledge become visible to the rest of the company.
Did you know that lack of insight into coworker’s contribution and added value is the biggest frustration? 42% of the workforce states that they have no clue about the responsibilities of co-workers and their contribution to the bigger picture. I personally share those feelings. It left me with the following question. How can I make my contribution visible?
If you look at the facts, video is the best method to increase visibility and reach. Did you know that 65% of people prefer visual communication? And did you know that 40% of the workforce prefers visual aids over plain text?
I understand the personal barriers to make video, It feels weird to hear and see myself on screen. And I always doubt if people actually want to hear my message. However, half of my co-workers get frustrated when I am invisible to them. Solving this issue starts with me, we have to lead by example.

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