One platform. Endless possibilities.

With our all-in-one platform you have all the tools you need to create a video that tells your story.

“If you have any questions, their experts will help you further”

Anyone can do it.

Never made a video before? No problem. Our tutorials, exercises and tips from our experts will help you move forward.


Learn at your own pace and level, whenever, where-ever.

Tips & suggestions

Extra in-app help to be applied immediately.

Video series

Be inspired by best-practices and success-stories from other users.


Our video experts handle your questions to help you move forward.

“Using an autocue makes it so easy to create a video.”

Your story, just the way you want it

Climb into the director’s chair with our easy-to-use tools. Finished recording? Then we will create one complete video for you.


Choose from multiple templates for any type of video or format.

Script suggestions

Specific script examples to help you tell your story.

Scene board

Instantly build your story in a few short scenes.

Sketch board

Sketch your story swiftly so you know exactly when to say what.

Smart autocue

Don’t get lost in your own story with our smart autocue function.

Reading cards

Reading cards give you on screen keywords to help you get a seamless take.

``Share your videos on any platform.``

Sharing with the world.

Send out your video out with confidence. On any platform, in the right format.

Automatic edit

With one push of a button, we merge all scenes in one story.


Use a logo to make it clear to your audience who you are.

Introduction cards

Introduce yourself or the subject of your video with introductory cards.


Very useful for international videos or viewers without audio.


Automatically share your video in the right format for any platform.

Video editing

Easy-to-use tools to determine the start and end of your video.

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