Everyone can shoot a video.

We like to keep things simple.
With Vormats there is no
experience needed to shoot
authentic and personalised videos. 

No assistance needed.

Everyone can create content.

The video is automatically
edited so everyone can
create a professional video
in just minutes.

Better communication without extra effort.

Everyone can communicate with video.

With Vormats the end result is always clean and
professional, safeguarding the quality
of video communication. 

Reach your audience effectively. 

Vormats helps people tell a story with confidence, in minutes. No sweat.

Plug-and-play implementation

Implement video communication without any hassle. Privacy and system integration included.

Accessible for everyone

Make the power of video creation accessible for all kind of users.

Quality output at all times

Safeguard the quality of video communication.


What others are saying.

Inspiring and helpful tool to create video’s I’m proud to share with my network - while starring in the video myself.

35 years

At first I didn’t know what to say, but this tool helped me to produce my first video for a presentation ever. And it felt good too.

39 years

Never thought I’d be able to produce a well-structured pitch video in such a short time.

54 years