User Generated Video, why?

In the past few years, videos have started taking over, and it’s easy to see why. They stimulate both the visual and auditory senses while packing a wealth of information into a short span of time. Videos are also very diverse in their form: from commercials and company videos with huge production value to user-generated videos recorded by phone. When it comes to your company or brand user-generated video can play a important role. And although UGV is a very impactful way of communication, most companies struggle to use it. First three main benefits of UGV:

1) Obtain priceless feedback

UGV will provide you with a steady stream of incredibly valuable feedback. From an internal perspective, UGV can be used in many different way - colleagues sharing best practice on how they approach their work, sales tips from top performers, experienced / retiring colleagues sharing nuggets of wisdom, Christmas messages from one office / one country to another – ALL adding huge value. External feedback can provide insight into making your product better and deliver new ideas for product development. It can provide you with information on how your customer service function is performing, and how customers experience your brand.

2) People trust User Generated Video

A central component to an effective content strategy is to create informative, knowledgeable content to build trust and credibility. Some companies achieve a degree of success with this, but most customers will intrinsically have some degree of suspicion when listening to the ‘company reasons’. This extends to all of your communications, internal and external. By including UGV as part of your internal comms strategy, you’re hearing from all levels of your company and ‘feeling’ the participants’ emotions - giving their messages a level of trust and authenticity that a company video may not. And implementing UGV on external websites makes it possible for people to get a second opinion on your product or service without leaving your website environment.

3) Creating company / brand ambassadors

Including UGV on your intranet or website gives your employees and customers a voice with which to talk about your company or brand, making them feel listened to and valued. Nice, so now we know how valuable UGV can be for you company and/or brand. Where do we start implementing? Although video is by far the most impactful way of communication out there, most people rather watch videos instead of making them, especially when in a professional context. Why? We have researched this extensively and there appear to be three main barriers: people don’t know what to say, they think it’s weird to see themselves and making a video is time consuming. This is why we developed Vormats. Vormats is the easiest way to create user generated video for professional communication. Our tool structure stories, helps record fluently and delivers a satisfactory end result for every video. Interested what Vormats can do for your company and/or brand? Contact us at