Video gives your story more impact.

Sending a story to the world is often complicated and a time-consuming process. Meet Vormats. A tool that empowers everyone to tell their story in video. Making it fast, easy-to-use and more personal.

``Translating our KPIs into a customized video strategy``

You are in control.

With a customized video activation plan, you take control. Allowing people to share their story in a way that suits your company.

Customized video activation plan

Before we start, we determine your business goals, from target audience to branding. Then we make plan to find out how we can achieve those goals with Vormats.

Video assistant

During the entire process, your team has one of our experts as single point of contact to help you achieve results.


Your team will receive tailor-made, interactive training courses that are completely focused on your goals and users.


Answers to your questions from our video experts, to help you move forward.

Tips and suggestions

Extra in-app help to be applied immediately.

Video series

Be inspired by best-practices and success-stories from other users.


Learn at your own pace and level, whenever, where-ever.

“Recognizable video templates in the exact tone-of-voice”

The perfect fit.

Customized templates and script suggestions will give each of your videos a unique style that can only fit your company or organization.

Customized templates

Templates tailored to your video goals, company and employees.

Customized script suggestions

Dedicated scripts for your unique story, in your tone-of-voice.

Scene recycling

Create new video content faster, through smart reuse of scenes.

Scene board

Instantly build your story in a few short scenes.

Sketch board

Sketch your story swiftly so you know exactly when to say what.

Recording studio

Everything you need to record your story in a perfect way.

Short scene recording

Record your story in bite-sized chunks.

Smart autocue

Don’t get lost in your own story with our smart autocue function.

Reading cards

Reading cards give you on screen keywords to help you get a seamless take.

``Videos with your own visual identity to share with the world.``

Logo? Check!

Incorporate fonts, colors, logos and other branding elements to ensure that your visual identity is ensured in every video.

Company logo

All your videos consistently feature the unique logo of your company.

Use of color

Use of color meets the guidelines of your visual identity.


Your company’s font is applied in all videos.

Introduction cards

Customized cards for all names and titles.

Intro & Outro

Every video automatically gets your unique intro and outro.

Video analysis

Professional video analysis and constructive feedback for employees.

Automatic edit

With one push of a button, we merge all scenes in one story.

Video editing

Easy-to-use tools to determine the start and end of your video.


Make your videos accessible to everyone, even without audio.


Automatically share your video in the right format for any platform.

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